Dining Table: Molten Metal


Dining table molded of mirror-polished stainless steel, thus reflecting their surrounding atmosphere as well as the precision of craft.
Designed together with the Candelabra series, the inspiration for the piece was fluidity of water and molten metal, the material qualities of fire and light, the physics and chemistry of ice, the evolution and self-organization of plant and fungi structures, even wrought-iron and bronze tools and weapons.

For us, the material gives both quantitative and qualitative characteristics to an experience, and it speaks to both mental associations and design. We constantly think about materials in our work, but beyond the simple questions of form, use and manufacturing. We think of them as philosophies, as history. We think of them in terms of social relationships and psychological dichotomies, in terms of their associated fears, attractions, symbolism, and stigmas.  It is important that the materiality of an object or space somehow add to its experience. A material offers more than form and finish; it can provide key elements of function or effect.


type: Furniture; Design: