Fabrication and Construction Expertise; Facades


Project with Front Inc.
Design, fabrication and installation of a fabric laminated curtain wall for the Lincoln Square Synagogue located in New York, NY.

The project was highly influential in the development of new technologies of design to fabrication by utilizing advanced modeling and fabrication techniques, very new at that time.

The project utilized BIM to enable fluid architecture in a manner that would not be practical otherwise. A specific glass product , the fabric laminated glass, was developed for the project, with its necessary testing and construction challenges, in order to implement  it in this prominent New York project.

BIM was used to automatically generate the individual components from the primary geometry, using instantiation rules developed for the project, specific rules were scripted to set out the primary geometry. Glass technology was developed to laminate translucent fabric within the glass using a special laminating layer. Additional challenges to overcome, were the long span super structure with substantial perimeter deflections, as the system is designed as a mechanism between floors, yet is fabricated with grouped components off site, to allow quality control and efficient site assembly.