Ramona Albert


what inspires us

Architecture and Design is a  collaborative process, with the aim of adding beauty to the world. We find inspiration through the process of discovery of ideas, the complexity of the natural environment and potential of technology.

Each project poses a new opportunity for intellectual discovery as we continually aim at improving the lives of our clients.

our approach

We believe that Architecture is truly defined through the quality of building.  An urban context, a building and a product each require the same quality of  research and development and each is a strict product of collaboration. In each case, the attention and smart development of  details allow for the possibility of great design.

design + build strategy

We believe that collaboration leads to the most innovative solutions and experiences. Working closely with specialists, fabricators and contractors, allows for a unique opportunity to develop projects from design through construction, with a focus on details without compromising quality.

what we do

  • Our focus is technology, sustainability, innovation and luxury.
  • We aim at implementing new materials and technologies in both design in construction.
  • We help our clients understand the design process, through a fully transparent approach.

our scope of work includes

  • Cultural Projects
  • Art Installations
  • High End Residences
  • Multi Family Residences
  • Retail Projects Urban Studies

what we do not do

  • Projects that are not geared towards sustainability and innovation.
  • We do not support ideas that are simply banal, and those that keep from improving our way of life and environment.


The studio was created out of a desire to create a better built environment through an understanding of materiality, details and the quality of physical experiences. Rooted in a deep understanding of construction methodologies, fabrication and design, the studio focuses on architecture that is driven by the beauty of building and quality.

The studio was founded by Ramona Albert, who is a Romanian born architect and designer. As a graduate of the Harvard School of Design she has always aimed at creating great buildings by combining design with the art of craft. She brings to the field of architecture a fresh outlook through a ten year career path that interlaces a high design sensibility with hands on construction field experience, specializing in complex detailing, fabrication and exterior envelope systems. She has completed high end residences for world famous artists, and designed and built the envelopes for some of New York’s Most complex buildings.

Prior to starting the studio, Ramona has gained her experience at Tishman Construction, Front Inc, and SOM. At Tishman, she successfully managed the construction of the facade for 5 Manhattan West, and at Front Inc. she oversaw various projects as a consultant including the Luis Vuitton Singapore facade, and managed the design and construction for the Lincoln Square Synagogue on the upper west side of Manhattan.

Ramona has taught architecture at Syracuse University where she was an Assistant Professor and GSD Harvard University.